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Ann Vogel


I have a Master’s Level Five Certification from Brain State Technologies and have been a praticing affiliate for over twelve years. My own personal journey with Brain State Technologies took many unexpected turns. I was introduced to the technology because my brother-in-law worked with Lee early on in Scottsdale due to a traumatic brain injury. 

I was working as a CPA prior to becoming an affiliate. I had a master’s degree and had worked several years at Ernst and Young in San Francisco. I always enjoyed exploring how one could optimize oneself and when I came across Lee Gerdes’ video on Conscious Media Network, I was hooked. I somehow had to be involved with Lee’s work. 

So over twelve years ago I ventured down to Scottsdale Arizona to try out the technology for myself. After just a couple of sessions I felt light and joyous and many things that were previously out of reach now seemed possible for me. Right then and there I decided to end my career as a CPA and to dedicate myself to this work of assisting others in their own self-optimization. 

After completing the initial affiliate training in Scottsdale and returning home, I received a phone call from my family in the Northwest that my sister, who had just given birth to twins, had suffered a major stroke and was undergoing brain surgery. Once she came out of the surgery, she was in a coma. The doctors had no hope for my sister; we were told that if she ever did come out of her coma, she would end up drooling in a wheel chair, unable to recognize any family members. 

At this time I called Lee Gerdes and asked him if he thought we could possibly do anything for my sister with this technology. He said absolutely. He told me to get in contact with him once she had been released from ICU. A month later I phone up Lee to let him know that she had now been transferred to a sub acute care hospital. She had now been in a coma for four weeks. 

With the hospitals permission and Lee’s Gerdes’ assistance, I started to run the protocols on my sister while she was in a coma. As I would run the work, we could see that when we asked her questions that her brain was responding by the increase in the activation of particular frequencies. Slowly as the weeks went by, I could see different parts of her body respond to different protocols. I was full of hope. 

However, as time passed, there was more and more pressure from the hospital to have my sister transferred to a Nursing Home. I knew if that ever happened, that my sister’s chance of any type of rehabilitation from the medical system would drop dramatically. So I talked with Lee to see what we could do, and he continued to evolve and change the protocols that I would run on my sister, and literally just days before she was to be transferred to the nursing home, she woke up out of the coma, able to answer questions posed to her by the doctors. This was amazing. On that day, the nurses ran up and down the hall saying “the brain machine worked, the brain machine worked!” 

When my sister woke up, this was just the beginning of another long journey of rehab from a very major stroke. We continued to train her brain throughout this process. However, what I want to impress here, is that where the doctors and the medical community provided no hope whatsoever to me or my family, Lee Gerdes stood by me and offered me constant support and assistance and the vision that my sister could recover from this tragic incident. 

How is my sister doing now? Well she walks and dresses herself. She can cook for herself. She has no issue with language, in fact, she still speaks fluent French. She has regained both her long term and short term memory. She has an amazing sense of humor and love for life. She never ever complains about what happened to her. She’s not on any type anti-depressants or other pharmaceuticals. She goes out with her friends. She swims and she goes to yoga classes. She can discuss her dissertation that was published and is taught in major universities around the country. Soon she will start to do volunteer work. The doctor from the University of Washington’s rehabilitation unit continues to schedule appointments with her, because her progress continues to move forward. 

Like most of us in life, this was a journey that I did not anticipate. However the richness and depth of character of Lee Gerdes, and the continual advancement of the science behind this work, has led me to be a full on advocate for this technology and for the man that stands behind it. I know for a fact, that my family and my sister’s fate would have been far different, had my path not crossed with Lee Gerdes. 

I do this work because I love it and I believe in it. I have seen how it has dramatically changed the course of not only my sister’s life, but also the lives of virtually all of my clients. Please come in and see me and experience what it feels like to live life with a balanced brain. 

Brainwave Optimization with RTB is not intended to treat, cure, heal, or diagnose any disease, mental illness or symptom.  Brainwave Optimization with RTB is intended to balance and harmonize brainwaves.  Individual results may vary.